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Together we will create something that is open, inclusive and meaningful.

We’re looking for people who are interested in any of the following areas:

  • Dance & culture
  • Archives & history
  • Digital collections and how we can build things that people want to use
  • Developing online communities that can connect with each other around the world 
  • Developing a groundbreaking approach to archives, how they are used and accessed
  • Teachers, lecturers, students and others who are interested in learning

Clearly, as Canada’s national dance archives and research centre, we have a specific interest in Canada, but the principles of ‘what works’ should involve everyone. 

We encourage anyone from anywhere to get involved.

All of our development will be open source.  We hope we can help build upon the work of others — if you have a project that was “90% complete”, we might be able to bridge the last 10% and make it available to everyone.

We are working with a great global team to help us develop and will be running online Live Labs, gathering input and connecting people as much as possible. 

Whether you’re just interested, have 30 minutes to help give us feedback or more, please sign-up to our new mailing list today and we’ll be in touch with you on next steps. 


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About us

Dance Collection Danse is Canada’s national dance archives and research centre and has received funding from the Digital Strategy Fund at the Canada Council for the Arts to develop a major new digital project that will change how the public can access and engage with Canada’s dance history. 

We are building a gathering place for the pockets of dance-related archival materials and artefacts that live in archives, museums, special collections, arts organizations, and private collections across the country.

This portal will hold contributions from partner organizations in the arts and heritage sectors, as well as individual artists and collectors who would like to share their own dance-related materials. All genres of dance are welcome. Dance Collection Danse aims to create a safe and democratic virtual space that will celebrate, educate, and inspire.